All You Can Eat Lunch & Dinner

    Our dishes are always fresh and prepared with the most care in ingredients. Our chefs are trained to produce top quality foods always keeping consistant flavouring to all our dishes. Please feel free to look around, we also are famous for our ALL YOU CAN EAT meal. All you can eat includes 5 types of meats ranging from Beef, Chicken and Pork authentic recipes.

    5 Meat Selections – 4 Side dishes – Rice & Onion Salad – Bi-bim-bap “Small Bowl” – Yuk-ki-Jang “Small bowl”
    Beef Burlgogi
    Spicy chicken
    Spicty pork
    Pork side ribs
    Deep friend chicken

    Please eat as much as you can, we love feeding our guests and do not hesitate to ask for more when you are ready.

    “Excluding holidays”

    Per person … $19.99